We solve your digital problems


We are here to build the window to your company. Nowadays, the first point of contact with a potential customer or user is your website, and any further inquiries to your products depend on what they see there. Your homepage reflects your company, your values and your vision. Our mission is to work with you on your website to make it work for your individual needs. We want to make your window shine!

Marketing Automation

We go further than simply making a window to your company. With our marketing automation tools, we can help you make your website even more appealing to your visitors.

We collect useful information about your visitor to help them get a personalised website, one that fits their expectations. This includes things like Live Engagement Chats and Platforms, Newsletters, Leadscoring, and so on. Our services also include help with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media Integrations (SMI).

We don't just provide you with a good looking website, we make a website which actively attracts visitors for you – so that you get the best outcome possible!


We go beyond just concentrating on your website. We are part of the ongoing digitalisation and want to help you with finding the fitting digital strategy for you and your company and help you applying it. We help you to move from a static website to real web applications and enterprise integrations to make your life easier. We have a lower cost of ownership than you have experienced before. So in the end we want to help you make an efficient digitized business so that you can succeed in the business world of tomorrow.


We are a startup and a company full of entrepreneurs. As such are both very intent and in a unique position to help other startups grow and have a professional online experience from the first day.

Digital Strategy

Not sure how to use the internet to bring your business even further? Lets figure it out. Who is your digital target group? Who do you want to be in the online world? Its the right time to shift up a gear in your digitalisation efforts.

Personalise the Internet

Why should a website be static and show the same thing to everybody? A person always adapts to its oponent. Imagine a website that recognizes your personality and starts communicating in a way that fits those. We are not only creating websites but also products that personalise websites using artificial intelligence. Sounds interesting? It is! Ask us ;)

Marketing Campaigns

We are specialists in building cool websites and for penguins. When it comes to running whole marketing campaigns, we have amazing partners with whom we can collaborate to manage a complete digital marketing campaign.

Web Apps

Progressive Web Apps. Welcome to the future! We are not the old fashioned kind of agency. We love beeing special and we love new technology. Websites that feel like native apps on the phone? Possible.


Of course you want to update your website yourself. Our flexible inhouse CMS (Content Management System) is intuitive, adaptable, and easy to use. We actually aim to make editing fun and to create a straightforward editing experience for you.


Creating a website is not enough, you also need to host it – basically, to keep it up and running. We also offer secure hosting, constantly updating, monitoring, and backing up your content. And even for the case your marketing works magic and you suddenly have millions of visitors, your website will not just break down.