Helping a home renovation company double their customer base

The Task

Weckenmann had no website before. The only available design element was the logo. We created the website around the logo in a way that it takes the base structure of the logo and brings it even further into something very valuable and cozy. In addition we created a Feng-Shui Color calculator.

What we did:
Feng-Shui Calculator

The design of this website was created in close collaboration with the customer to ensure his feng-shui know-how is well integrated. Several times a year, new projects are added to show the latest trends and share exiting projects. Even though, this website has very little traffic, the feedback is tremendous and many new leads are generated. This website makes the customer pop out in his market.


Client: Wohnharmonie Weckenmann GmbH

Design and Development: Bjorn Schmidtke


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