That time we helped a start-up launch a revolutionary product

The Task

Nahtlos is a startup developing a new method for laser welding plastics. This new method has huge benefits, and is useful primarily in fields such as clothes manufacturing as it allows for very thin sheets to be welded together (up to 10 times thinner than with existing methods). We created their website, making clear the technology and its benefits. We helped them launch to the world and target potential partners and investors.

What we did:
CMS integration

Having met with Alexander and Michel, and having don our research in the field, we got down to working out the user experience and information architecture. It was clear that we had to develop a small lightweight website that quickly communicated the benefits of Nahtlos' technology. We produced weireframes and digital prototype to flesh out the user journeys and interactions.

It quickly become apparent that the best way to convey the qualities that make this technology unique is to put actual products in people's hands. We conceived a process where users would order free sample items produced by Nahtlos using their laser welding process.

A hugely important part of the design was to communicate visually and clearly the somewhat complex process of laser welding thin sheets of plastic, and it's not so apparent advantages compared to existing technologies. To achieve that we created a number of friendly but infomration packed illustrations.


Client: Nahtlos GmbH

Art direction & design: Vasil Krustev
Frontend development: Alex Raykov
Project management: Bjorn Schmidtke