Bringing together tradition and innovation to help a school shape modern education

The Task

Kolping Ravensburg is a German school that utilises an alternative progressive approach to high school and college education that has its roots in the methodology of Adolf Kopling. They needed a new website to represent their modern and tech savvy nature, as the old one , which combined all kolping schools, was desperately outdated. It did not answer their needs (nor those of their students) of a modern, usable experience. We provided them with a superior UX and a flexible, easy to use CMS.

What we did:
CMS Integration
Client Training

Bright rooms, full with light - this is one of the things, the school is proud about. The design captures the style of the architecture and is therefore kept simple, bright and transparent.

We integrated Facebook in the design. Posts from Facebook will directly show up on the website. So while parents can focus on the more serious content, students can direclty get a real and authentic impression about the schoollife on facebook.


Client: Kolping Bildungswerk Süd gGmbH

Art direction & design: Vasil Krustev
Frontend development: Alex Raykov
Project management: Bjorn Schmidtke


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